Pre & Perinatal Psychotherapy (Birth Psychology) is a distinct is a field of scientific research and observation that explores the impact of our earliest experiences – in the womb, during birth and throughout infancy.

• We learn how these early experiences affect our current lives as adults, impacting our physical health, our emotional capacity, our mental beliefs and our social lives.
• We come to recognise our early adaptive patterns and explore various modalities to re-integrate and heal any traumas or disruptions that might be influencing our foundation of health.

“How we are prepared for conception; how we are conceived; how we are treated in the womb; how we are born – influences our lifelong behaviour, and that conclusively we live our lives according to the trauma or glory of our conception and our birth.”
– Shirley Ward MEd, DipEd, UKCP, BAHPP, ECP, MIAHIP

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