What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations were developed by Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist, who wanted to understand how many of the problems we suffer from were coming from our family system. He developed a unique phenomenological therapeutic approach where these hidden family dynamics could be seen and healed, primarily by having volunteers represent what was being concealed.

Although the method typically refers to family issues, it can be used for any situation that needs healing, clarity or problem solving. Common topics include relationships, health, professional concerns or disconnection from self. Individual sessions give more privacy and immediacy.

During this powerful process, the hidden and challenging dynamics in family systems are revealed, in order to restore balance, heal trauma and release suffering. In 1 to 1 sessions or workshops, we can create a model of a family system – a constellation – that explores these hidden dynamics that keep us from living authentic lives. Constellations reveal these hidden dynamics and how they are influencing our thoughts, behaviours and even illnesses. During a constellation, we create a resolution that is healing for the client and the system by restoring the natural order of the family and the client’s agency.

Issues that may benefit from Family Constellations work:

Challenging relationships with Parent’s and family members
Difficulties in Love & Relationships
Intense Grief
Mysterious Illness
Physical Issues
Problems with anger & rage
Effects of traumatic events
Fear of Success
Problems in work environments
Sadness not associated with actual life events
Struggle with making decisions
Unexplained anxiety and depression

“Pay attention, feel into and bring into conscious awareness where we came from so we can transform the destiny of the past into a liberating movement instead of a burden to carry. When we work with the issues dealt to us, we are the future rewriting the past.” – Thomas Hüebl