Counselling and Psychotherapy can be of great support in times of crisis or change. Psychotherapy is a helping activity, which involves a therapist and an individual who is experiencing difficulties in life, either emotional or psychological distress, spending time exploring these difficulties. The aim is to uncover an understanding of their origin and meaning and in doing so, to find a way to live a life that is not defined by these difficulties.
We are all influenced by experiences we have, some of them remembered and some of them forgotten.
Humanistic psychotherapy sees every individual as utterly unique, and sees that each person has within them the potential to become who they really are. Individuals may decide to seek psychotherapy because of a crisis in their life, or because they are seeking meaning in life. The humanistic and integrative therapist offers the client the possibility of working in a way that integrates the totality of who they are, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The work is done through talking therapy, and through other modalities such as through listening to the body, through art or dreams which can help the individual develop insight into how they are in the world. This can also help uncover how they could be in the world, and how they might bring this about.
It is a hopeful therapy as it acknowledges that every individual has a unique worth, is deserving of respect, and has the capacity for growth within themselves.

Most of the clients I see present with these issues:
• Anxiety/Depression/Mood concerns/Stress
• Attachment to caregiver issues in childhood
• Career and Transitions/Back to School
• Cultural and Immigration issues
• Grief/ Loss
• Low Self-Esteem/Emptiness
• Life choice issues/Transitions
• LGBT issues
• Personal Growth issues
• Emotional Intimacy/Sexual Intimacy
• Spiritual/Transpersonal/Mind-Body-Spirit
• Trauma and PTSD
• Generational and Historical Trauma
• Abuse/Domestic Violence
• Adult abused as child
• Abandonment
• Women’s issues
• Menopause
• Relationship issues
• Addiction
• Meaning and Purpose of Life/Existential questioning